Additional Section

<p>Hi guys</p>

<p>On CommonApp, there's a section called "Additional Information".</p>

<p>Due to unfortunate circumstances, I only managed to take 1 SAT II. And I'm re-taking SAT Reasoning test this Jan so no more time for me to take 1 more subject test. </p>

<p>I'm applying to both Johns Hopkins (SAT II is optional) and Harvard (2 SAT II required). </p>

<p>Should I use the additional section on CommonApp to explain my cases? If I do so, then Johns Hopkins will be able to see it as well, and they may think I'm more interested in some other colleges which SAT II is required, not them.</p>

<p>Or should I email directly admission office of Harvard and explain?</p>

<p>Thanxxx much appreciated.</p>

<p>As you do not have the required SAT II tests for Harvard, your file WILL NOT be read -- it will be labeled as incomplete -- and it doesn't matter what you write in the Additional Information section. In your situation, it would be a waste of money to apply to Harvard (sorry).</p>

<p>EDIT: I don't know of a single college that sets the bar for testing, and then lowers that bar for certain students.</p>

<p>Thanxx for the reply.
Are you sure that my application will not be read?
My account will be backed up by my school counselor as well.</p>

<p>I am absolutely certain that Harvard will not read your application, as their computer tracking system will label your file as incomplete. Only "complete" files get read.</p>