Additional stuff I need to do?


<p>I've been accepted for this Spring and already paid and signed up for the NSC in January. What other steps do I need to do before going to the NSC if any? I've heard of the Math Placement Exam, but when I get to TAMU, I won't need to take anymore math courses as i've already taken all the necessary ones at my current university... </p>


<p>Actually I’m taking the last math course I need right now at my current university, which is Math 142. So if I take the placement, and for some reason place lower than that, but then transfer over the Math 142 credit… what happens then?</p>

<p>Have you seen the New Student Conference Checklist?</p>

<p>[New</a> Student Conference Checklist | New Aggie](<a href=“]New”></p>

<p>The other things you can do are also logistical things:</p>

<p>Arrange for housing, check into the various meal plans, arrange for parking and/or transportation, go online and try to pre-determine your classes going forward, research professors, look at a campus map to get your bearings. For a new-comer, the campus and Northgate are a little challenging to navigate by car at first.</p>

<p>Housing, meal plans, everything else is down. I’m in College Station almost every weekend, have already looked into classes and everything going forward. My only question is about the Math Placement exam I guess.</p>

<p>itscole - You can always check with your department in regards to the math placement test and whether or not it’s required for you if you want to be absolutely sure. </p>

<p>Are you a Mays student?</p>

<p>"If you are a transfer student you do not have to take the Math Placement Exam.</p>

<p>There is one exception—if you are planning to take MATH 147/151/171 at A&M, a prerequisite restriction will prevent you from enrolling in this course unless you either have credit for MATH 150 at TAMU or a grade on the MPE. If you have taken a pre-calculus course equivalent to MATH 150 (TCCNS 2412) at another institution, your A&M advisor might be able to substitute that for MATH 150; otherwise, you will have to take the MPE before you can enroll in MATH 147/151/171"</p>

<p>[Math</a> Placement Exam Requirements and Exemptions for 2013 | New Aggie](<a href=“]Math”></p>

<p>I can tell you’re excited! Good luck, OP! :slight_smile: And gig 'em.</p>