Additional Supplement Requested

Ok- so I applied to Berkeley in mid-November for laughs. I seriously did not think I would have the GPA and SAT scores to get in. (3.65W, 1530 SAT)… but I didn’t know the UCs were holistic. I have truly unbelievably amazing EC’s, I have a feeling my essays were pretty good, and I took the most rigorous classes available at a community college while dual-enrolled in high school to the point where I will get three AA degrees at the same time as my high school diploma.

That being said, the reason why my GPA is so low is because I have learning disabilities. I have ADD and test anxiety/distraction problems. My math and some science grades are TERRIBLE (straight C-'s across the board), because my ADD makes it very difficult for me to do even the slightest bit of mental math. My testing anxiety is also bad in all subject areas, and as you can imagine, taking the SAT was a nightmare- not because I didn’t know the material, but because of my own issues.

So I got an email from Berkeley today asking for additional supplement questions (specific to my disabilities), my fall grades, and a letter of rec. What does this mean? Does this mean that I am truly “borderline” as other posts suggest?

Oh- I am also a Geography major. Not math related. :slight_smile: