Additions to Applications by January 20?

<p>Hello everyone, a deferred student here.
On the deferral letter, it says to update "new information for your admissions file, including recent grades, test results, activities, or other achievements" by January 20, 2012.
I'm taking the US history SAT in January since I only sent in math/science SATs for EA and I think a humanities subject would help my application. The test, however, is after the 20th and the score doesn't come out until mid-February or so.
Also, term 2 at my school doesn't end until after January 20, so I can't send them any new info by then.
Anyway, my question is, is there a significance to that date? I know Harvard accepts January SAT scores for RD applicants, so I'm not sure why they indicated the 20th specifically.</p>

<p>There's almost always a "midyear update report" sent from your schools: my high school was weird, and didn't have the end of first semester until--February, I think? Those grades go to Harvard when they go to Harvard, and they're certainly not going to penalize you for that. I don't know about the SAT II, however. I assume that if they say January SATs are acceptable for RD applicants, you're fine, and if they aren't, it probably isn't.</p>

<p>^ question too. I'm considering retaking SAT 1's in January. For Harvard, I'm guessing I would just send it in in Feb. (If i score higher) but for other privates that require all scores, how would this work? I would HAVE to send it in February? Would i send in my current scores now??</p>

<p>Is this a bad idea (to retake sats)</p>

<p>You're in the deferral pool, too?
I already sent in my current scores to other top colleges but I'm just gonna take the advantage of 4 free score reports and do automatic send for the January sat2.</p>

<p>yeah, sadly -________-. Feels so ****ty.</p>

<p>But yeah i think i can significantly raise my SAT score so I want to re-take. However, I'm still a little scared i'll only raise it by 50 points. At which point it'll seem really dumb and I'll seem like a test-taker fanatic</p>

<p>Harvard explicitly states (search and you'll find somewhere on Harvard web pages) that the Jan SAT test date is OK, so long as you list Harvard as one of the schools to be sent scores when you sign up for the test. Probably a good idea to tell them the scores are coming though.</p>

<p>well, since harvard is score choice i'll only be sending them my updated scores if they are better :P</p>

<p>They were making the point that it would be too late for that, but I guess you could take the chance.</p>

<p>RARISSIMA!!! long time no see! as for answering the question, i do not believe they accept february, i'm almost positive of this...and 20th is approximately the time that most schools will send their mid year report, which is why believe they chose that date for application updates</p>

<p>@banana: haha, we only know each other's usernames but it feels good to have familiar "faces" in the deferral pool!</p>

<p>So how should I go about telling them that my SAT score and 2nd term grades are coming their way?</p>


<p>I second RarissimaAvis. Chances are slim, but it's possible we'll all see each other again in the Accepted threads in Spring. As for you Bananafreak, how is your state's chem olympiad so soon?</p>

<p>Should I just shoot an email over to them as I would for an update, and tell them that updates are coming? or would the admissions people get annoyed by that?</p>

<p>Does that also mean that we can send another letter of recommendation up until Janary 20th?</p>

<p>^yup! It says that somewhere but only if it adds extra info to your application.</p>

<p>Since they don't evaluate the deferred pool and the RD pool separately, I'm sure January scores are fine without having to let them know beforehand.</p>

<p>Also, if we didn't do the optional extra essay, can we do that and submit it?</p>

<p>I wonder if we can send edited versions of the already-submitted essays...</p>

<p>I wish..I found several grammar mistakes on my supplement...ugh</p>

<p>UChicago is fine with it, so there's a possibility!
I'll call tomorrow and ask.</p>

<p>^ thanks, please let us know the outcome collegeinfo1994! I def. found a few random things i would change.</p>

<p>Also in regarding to sending in new e/c or awards how do we?
they say to email them at <a href=""></a>. But let's say for example i joined the track team (this is not what i put) and that i won science olympiads or something.</p>

<p>Do i simply write them an email like</p>

<p>Dear office of undergraduate admissions,</p>

<p>I want to add in track to my extracurriculars, and i won science olympiad in December.</p>



<p>This feels a bit informal and weird to me....</p>