<p>hey all, im wondering of my chances getting into uf for the 2011-2012 year. im just a plain old white American living out of state (North Carolina).my gpa is around a 3.6 unweighted and a 4.3 weighted. My SAT is 1640 and i plan on taking it again sometime soon. last semester i was awarded a scholarship from the department of state to study chinese in Beijing, China for the fall semester. im a little behind on all my high school courses cause of the abroad studies but im sure to complete high school this year.
reply if you have any info, thanks alot</p>

<p>Well, out of state admissions are extremely competitive because FL is a * public * institution, meaning that it has an obligation to the taxpayers that support it to, in turn, support its population of college-bound students in-state.
Your standardized test scores are low for even students in-state being admitted. Your GPA is okay, but it could certainly be higher. What does your course load look like? It should be pretty challenging to account for a lower GPA because UF does recalculate your GPA in order to disclude non-academic courses from the calculation.<br>
Best of luck.</p>

<p>I don't even think you'd get in as an in-state student with that SAT score. If you want any shot you definitely have to improve it (probably by at least 500 points)</p>

<p>i forgot to post my EC's. ive been wrestling for three years and captain for my last. ive been on student council since 9th. and ive attended plenty of clubs. I am also under the impression that UF has a good Chinese program. The scholarship i was awarded was from the u.s. government to study a semester of Chinese in Beijing. id figure that this would be a big factor to my admission?</p>