Addmissions notification

<p>Anyone know when colleges begin to send letters or post their online decisions? I know some people have recieved decisions before April 1st. Is there a system/reason why some recieve earlier notification(schools only send accpetance before 4/1)?
Schools I a waiting for:
Swarthmore, Penn, Harvard, Bard, Washington and Lee, William and Mary.

<p>Some colleges get done super early and decide just to send them out early because of that. A lot of times, the notification date that the colleges post on their websites is actually a DEADLINE rather than a specific date that colleges post their decisions- this is because they want you to have enough time to decide where you want to go to school and compare aid awards. </p>

<p>I'm not sure about the others, but I'm pretty sure that Penn and Harvard will post their decisions online or send letters either 3/31 or 4/1 judging by last year's Ivy notification date and the fact that 3/30 is a Sunday.</p>

<p>guys, do you think schools sent admit letters for students first, then reject letters later, because all my friend receive soon admitting notification, which was around mid March, rather by the end of this month?? Plzzz answer this question, I still didnt get anything from schools I applied :( :(</p>


<p>some schools just release all their decisions in mid-march, the schools you are waiting for probably just arent releasing decisions until end of march/early april</p>