addmittance receptions

<p>i just got into Stern school of business at NYU, and they invited me to go to a reception on april 5th. i'm about 99% confident i'm going to end up going there and double majoring (finance and something else that is yet to be decided).</p>

<p>anyways, i was just wondering, is it really worth it to go to the reception in april? will i really get anything out of it? i know there's some other form of orientation in the summer as well, so i was thinking of going to that instead. thx in advance</p>

<p>if you're close to nyc go. some schools also pay for the travel expenses to these things so find out. if you have to pay for travel and if its a long way away, then just wait till summer. Basically these things just tell you why their school is so great</p>