Addt. Info questions

<p>K, so there's a spot if you HAVE taken a college course, but none for if you're PLANNING to take one. My question is should i put the course I intend to take on the Addt. Info page? Also, should i put which AP classes I am self-studying for the test? Otherwise my schedule looks pretty weak. Thx!</p>

<p>The additional info box is going to be as full as possible for my application. :D There's a lot I really need to get across to make my application as competitive as possible. I'm self-studying for four AP exams as well, and I will mention it one way or another. I would give it a go, but remember that once you say that you're self-studying and submit your application there's no backing out of the exam come May (that wouldn't end well, I dare say). Talk to your parents and the colleges about it and make a decision.</p>

<p>When will you be taking the course? If it's in the Fall, you'll already be in the process of it when you're submitting your applications.</p>