ADHD and College choices in state?

My son is an average student with ADHD and would like to go into business/marketing. We are residents of MA and he has been accepted to Umass Boston, Umass Dartmouth, Westfield State, Salem State, Fitchburg State, and Bridgewater State. I worry he is looking at going to school for a good time. However I want to give him the benefit of the doubt and offer him the opportunity to prove himself. I have no idea about any of these state schools and their reputations. Our older son goes to a top private university so that was easy to figure out. Can anyone offer any advice on any of the mentioned schools? He would have to live on campus. He has no preference for setting either.

We were actually quite impressed with UMass Dartmouth. S (also ADHD) applied but didn’t attend. The campus was a bit dreary (all that concrete!) but I was pretty impressed after the open house we attended. It didn’t seem like a huge party school to me. I don’t know much about the other schools, but my concern would be are they suitcase schools. I’m assuming you’re MA residents. We are OOS so maybe that was a bigger deal for us. Also, we knew someone who attended UMass Boston and from what I understand there is a not a lot of housing available.

Thank you…appreciate the feedback!

You mention ADHD. Is he in a controlled state with biofeedback /medications /behavioral techniques? Many students will hyperfocus with studies and some will drift off etc. Does he also have accommodations he plans on using?

Time management is key and organization and both can run havoc with ADHD. Look at this book and the point isn’t to become a A student but heh, if that works great.

Great strategies and a fast kinda fun read. Great section on procrastination and why I got it for my son. Many people have recommended it on CC.

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