Adjustability of the twin XL dorm beds

So amongst the river of information yesterday from UCF Housing (e-mail and updated move-in Web pages), we learn that the adjustable twin XL beds are all being set to their maximum height. Unlike my FAU daughter’s dorm beds, the student is not allowed to adjust the height themselves. If they are like FAU’s beds, it just takes a mallet and two people; so it may be for safety rather than anything else. If the UCF student wants a different height, they fill out and submit an online maintenance request form before August 4th. My question is: Are there several height positions, or just high/low, or ? I looked at photos online and it’s not clear. FAU bed heights have several positions, in two inch increments.

There are several height adjustments. I brought a rubber mallet and we did it ourselves. I think the highest was more than 30 inches- D18 needed a step stool! We start with the bed before we drag a bunch of stuff in.
There are 360 housing tours on Youtube.

You can always call ResLife and ask

The other thing I found interesting in that huge email from Housing was the delayed move-in option.

We’re not doing it, but that tells me that they’ve had a huge wave of dorm cancellations and are trying to avoid more.

I also assume a lot of people are waiting because they suspect this won’t go well. Why bother to move in when in couple of weeks there will be so many cases no one will want to be there.

Let’s just put it this way, D18 is not giving up her storage space the day she moves in, nor is she emptying it. She also fully expects a hurricane- UCF has said nothing about what they will do when that happens. They can’t do their normal plan of stick everyone in a room and ride it out. Hopefully, non of that will happen, but it’s 2020.

Maybe. But I know for a fact that they had a LOT of pressure to extend the deadline for accepting the Addendum because it fell BEFORE many folks registered for classes.

Now, I think even after accepting, many families are rethinking things so they’ve decided to give some leeway.

IMHO, they would not do that if they had a dorm waitlist – but I suspect this is that unicorn year where everyone who wanted a dorm room got it.

Florida has decided not to host a hurricane (or tropical storm) this year.

I believe the normal policy is to encourage those who can to return home. Then those who are left are moved to shelters.

Yep. If there was ever a year where you did NOT want to ask, "What else could possibly go wrong?" 2020 is definitely the one!

They definitely have open capacity in the dorms this year as they have opened it up to all classes. My son is on the OSSM LLC and one guy in his roommate group decided to stay home and his room is still open.

Now the faculty union is trying to get the Florida Universities to go fully virtual.

Hurricane Isaias is likely on her way, hopefully not creating a path for others.

Who knows what will happen.

If Isaias ever develops into anything strong enough to be named, he will be a boy storm…and he’s not going to be close to a hurricane.

Unless, of course, this system does NOT develop and the name goes to the next storm.

In Lake Claire we discovered that there are locking bolts, so that if you want to adjust the bed heights yourself you’ll need a mallet and socket wrenches (can’t recall the nut size). But it can be done.