Adjustment Period

<p>Hi, I'm really confused as to when the adjustment period actually starts - on it only states that it starts after phase II of telebears. Also, if I add this class to my waitlist, do I have any realistic chance of getting into it? (Polysci 2 with Fish, Limit:378 Enrolled:378 Waitlist:48 Avail Seats:0)</p>

<p>It begins right after phase II ends, but here is the calendar to use (from the Registrar's site) Student</a> Calendar - Office Of The Registrar</p>

<p>With automatic waitlists, all the matters is your waitlist position in the discussion or lab, since that is where you are actually waitlisted and cleared, the main lecture just follows along. I see a few discussions with very few people on the waitlist. If you could be no more than #2 on a discussion waitlist, your odds are good to get inot the class.</p>

<p>OP - Discussion section 112 currently has zero on the waitlist, if you snag that now you have an outstanding chance of getting in. The waitlist is cleared automatically so once the system is ready to pull in someone for an open slot in that discussion, after someone drops or switches, you would be enrolled.</p>