Administration Problems

<p>Just wondering if any thing from the extensive list of administrative problems has improved with the new president. Still troubles in talking with knowledgeable staff in administration?, housing issues?, etc...just curious. Thanks for the input.</p>

<p>It's not really been long enough (in my opinion) for the influence to fully trickle down. That is what I'm telling myself because NO, there have been no improvements that I have been able to see.</p>

<p>I want to love UMW, I really do. But I can't. D is in her third year there and her younger brother is a high school senior. Many people have suggested he follow her and I just can't do it. Other schools will have new frustrations, I know.</p>

<p>Thank you for your insight. This is one of my daughter's in-state choices although too close to home for her. I don't relish the thought of having to deal with an unorganized and unhelpful admin staff+, especially with the amount of tuition (even if it is instate) and other fees that we will be paying. I guess we will see how things turn out later this spring.</p>

<p>Maybe this is an indication that things haven't changed yet. We have been notified that Admissions cannot find my D's transcripts AND her ACT test scores. Both were sent before the end of the year, from two different sources. How could both be lost? Guidance Counselor and ACT people both verified the documents were sent. Anyone else having the issues?</p>

<p>I want to love the school, really I do, but that is the kind of stuff that I mean. Have you talked with anyone in admissions? Were they polite? Helpful? Willing to believe your story and do something on their end to fix it? If not, things have not changed. If you get a student worker on the phone who will not pass you on to an actual admissions person, or get "attitude", or are told this is your problem, not theirs, then things have not changed with the new administration. </p>

<p>If you do not get a satisfactory answer to your questions climb the food chain...all the way to Rick Hurley if that's how far you have to go. That is the only way things will get better. Please don't hesitate to do this, it seems to be expected and how things work.</p>

<p>I have been in email communication with someone from Admissions, who said she would look into it, and involved another staffer in the search. That was on Tuesday, I haven't heard anything since. I wanted to give them a few days to search, but I'm going to send another email or call. It was suggested that I have everything resent, which means I would have to bug the HS Guidance Counselor to resend everything, and I would have to pay for ACT test scores to be sent again. I'm going to get the Guidance Counselor involved too. Let's hope this gets resolved.</p>

<p>I don't think it's fair to have you pay for scores to be sent again. I'm glad they are at least trying to find the stuff anyway. The GC should be able to help as well. Yes, we'll keep our fingers crossed that it will all get worked out!</p>

<p>Okay, so as of today, the transcripts are the only documents missing. Strange, but certainly could have been an omission by the guidance counselor. They have been very helpful in trying to resolve this, I must say. The GS is resending the transcripts and faxed a copy, so let's hope the application will go to review soon. Good luck to all!</p>


<p>I'm not sure how it works at Mary Washington, but I do know that most information submitted to a college isn't "found" for a couple of weeks. For instance, I submitted my transcript and recommendations to American University in late November, and it took until after the holidays for them to turn up.</p>

<p>I'm sure everything is fine. =)</p>

<p>D received her acceptance today! Again, Admissions was very helpful in tracking down her missing/misplaced documents, and the decision was made quite quickly. D qualified for Honors Admission and hopefully for any future scholarship consideration.</p>

<p>Congratulations to your daughter! I hope it all works out well for her. Is there anywhere else she's considering? Just curious, my D made a remark about UMW being the place where UVA and W&M rejects go and it sort of made me wonder.</p>

<p>Zoeydogg, sort of wondering why you would say something like that here? Does your daughter feel like a reject? Truth be told for students who live in Virginia, especially the northern part it is very tough to get into our own state schools. Virginia tends to cater more to out of state applicants. In addition, most Virginia schools have a "cap" to the number of Northern Virginia students they will accept because they have to ensure that numbers from all over the state are also accepted, even though they may not be as "qualified." As the competition is tough for instate students seeking admission to the William and Mary's and UVA's of the state, they tend to also look at other good institutions such as UMW as a place where they have a pretty good chance of being accepted and getting a good education. Is this what you call a UVA and W&M reject?</p>

<p>I'm so sorry, I meant no disrespect! I thought it was a strange thing that my daughter said because to me (and to her) the schools are not at all alike. She claims to have heard this at UMW, the first time on the message board when she was newly admitted, as a joke. Sure,there may be some students who would have gone elsewhere, but most students at there and stay there because they like it.</p>

<p>I agree that the state system unfairly sets the bar high for Nova and certain other areas/schools as well. There are many good options for VA students--VT, JMU, George Mason, etc. I was just curious as to what other schools students look at when they are looking at UMW. I'm so sorry if I offended you.</p>

<p>No offense taken at all. It is a destination for many, for many reasons. My D applied there because of a particular program they offer along with the diverse amount of activities offered to students. Her only concern, I think, is that it is too close to home. sigh.</p>

<p>UMW was the only Va. school D applied to. We had seen JMU when we were doing the college search for my older D, and younger D really liked it but we weren't thrilled with the trend to move off campus after freshman year. She would have been accepted there, but she wants to play collegiate volleyball, and she is very realistic about what a DI program requires - which is height (D is 5'8"). She will be able to play at UMW.</p>

<p>We're from northern NJ and D applied to a variety of schools in a 3-4 hr radius (UMW is the farthest though). All had the major she's interested in - Marine Science or Environmental Science, and the option to play volleyball. I did however have her apply to two state schools without volleyball in mind - UConn and Binghamton. She was accepted to both of those, and the University of Scranton, Rider University, Stockton College, University of New Haven, and Roger Williams University.</p>

<p>So, now it will be a matter of which one of these colleges rise to the top. D has plenty of options, it's the volleyball aspect complicates the decision making. Hopefully, it will all get sorted out soon. </p>

<p>We'll be down in DC this month for a volleyball tournament, so we'll be visiting UMW. Hopefully, she'll decide soon! Good luck to all.</p>