Administrative nightmares

<p>I applied back in March for transfer from out of state. New Orleans is a fun city, UNO has a decent business school and scholarship opportunities seemed promising.
I received my admission letter and student account via email shortly after applying. However, since then contact has been hit or miss. The student account information lagged weeks behind admissions and financial aid decisions. Phone calls to admissions and financial aid personnel were not returned. It took 3-4 direct calls between the two offices to find out that they were still waiting on my final transcript to process scholarship awards. A month goes by without much news from them. Then a week ago I got a phone call from Financial Aid requesting I enroll or decline all awards so they can offer them to other students. So I went online and declined all financial aid listed. Then Saturday (JULY 5TH) I receive a letter dated JUNE 4TH that awarded a non-resident tuition waiver. The letter requested I accept/decline the award through a separate site with a specific scholarship code.
Somewhere between when they typed the letter on JUNE 4th and I received it on JULY 5th, I had decided to attend Maryland with a year-long internship and year-long lease. So no big deal for me. However, I can only imagine what disasters others have gone through or will go through dealing with UNO administration. Seems like they're a mess. Good luck to all. Seems like you'll need it.</p>