Admiral Worley Resigns

<p>DOT</a> Press release</p>

<p>Just found this article, what is going on and why did he resign?</p>

<p>Oliver heard it was the Parents Club that was responsible..not enough setbacks!</p>

<p>Yep, I heard 85 members of the Class of 2010 have been setback or disenrolled. I guess us parents are never satisfied. wink, wink</p>

<p>I'm happy that I have one son graduated and only one left to finish out. He returned yesterday for this trimester, then back to sea he goes. Hopefully when he returns in November 2010 all the dust will have settled once again.</p>

<p>If you are indeed referring to the class of 2010, it's quite a bit more than 85 and they still have 2 trimesters to go.</p>

<p>The following is information I found regarding the resignation: "Whoever is chosen will have the joy of dealing with a slather of recommendations made in a GAO report that found that internal control weaknesses resulted in improper sources and uses of funds by the Academy, including transactions with its affiliated organizations. For the report, GAO analyzed selected transactions from fiscal years 2006, 2007, and 2008--before Admiral Worley joined the institution." Additionally, student fees either have been or will be cut in half.</p>

<p>My son a plebe told me in an email that the Admiral talked to the students. He explained that one of his wifes parents has cancer and they are needed in the mid west to take care of them. Other hidden reasons for leaving who knows? Hopefully an even better replacement will be found. Dean Kumar to act as interim till replacement is found.</p>

<p>I am picking up from active alumni in several locations that there well may be strong pressure for an Academy alumni be chosen as replacement superintendent.</p>

<p>Our prayers are with Admiral Worley and his family!</p>

<p>While I am extremely sorry to hear that it may be due to the illness of a relative, I do hope that the next superintendent is from within the KP community as they know how GREAT Kings Point can be. Only someone of that stature will be able to bring KP to its former Glory graduating officers who were known to be at the top of their field. No more PC midshipmen/officers -- Excellence always!</p>

<p>I love the idea of having a KP alum appointed as Superintendent - talk about someone who is fully vested! With all of the problems that currently exist there, it'll take someone who is as committed to the community as an alum to navigate the Academy through the rough seas. I also hope it is an alum who commands respect and tradition, yet connects well with the Mids. Has an alum ever been a Superintendent at Kings Point?</p>

<p>I don't believe they have ever hand an alum as Sup. It would be a great idea, as you said MMAMom, an alum would have a vested interest and would command the respect of the mids automatically. Hope MARAD is listening this time.</p>

Has an alum ever been a Superintendent at Kings Point?


Yes.. Rear Admiral Thomas A. King, Kings Point '42, the academy's sixth Superintendent</p>

<p>And so was RAdm Paul Krinsky USMMA '50 who followed King.</p>

<p>How were King and Krinsky regarded?</p>

<p>So is this a good thing for KP or a bad thing? </p>

<p>Seems like he wasn't there long enough to make a difference either way.</p>

<p>In my opnion and as far as I know Admirals King and Krinsky were both very good and well regarded. Prior to being the first alum to be Supt, Admiral King was a regional administrator for MARAD; he was also a liscenced master while in his 20's and came in to clean up a few messes. Admiral Krinsky was the Academic Dean prior to becoming Superintendent and well regarded in that position prior to assuming the Superintendants role.</p>

<p>Acting MARAD Administrator Matsuda spoke today at the KPWDC Luncheon and indicated a willingness to consider and even seek out qualified alums in the nation-wide search for the next superintendant. I for one believe both he and Secratary LaHood are sincere in their commitment to make KP the worlds best maritime education institituion.</p>

<p>Now that much of the initial key items have been completed so that both the new alumin chairmen and the incoming superintendant have a reasonable canvas upon which to work I hope that the MARAD search comittee for the new Superintendant gets their choice as correct as the Alumni Foundation has with it's choice for the incoming chair. This from today's on-line alumnu newsletter:</p>


<p>Elected to the Chairmanship of the USMMA Alumni Foundation at its annual meeting in October, Charlie Hill '65 brings a vast maritime, financial and volunteering experience to the Board of Directors. After sailing as a licensed engineer for three years, he earned an MBA from Harvard Business School (1970) and embarked on a career in investment banking. As Managing Director for Bankers Trust Company he became co-head of the Mergers and Acquisition and Private Equity Groups, and is a charter member of the Senior Executive Partnership which included the top 20 bank line officers. In 1990, Hill founded and became President and CEO of Fieldstone, Inc., a private investment banking firm, providing advisory services for capital raising, mergers and acquisitions through a worldwide network of offices. After purchasing the minority equity interest in the company in 1998, he sold the company in 2003 to a South African bank to devote more time to charitable endeavors. Hill became interested in the Kings Point wrestling program in 1996 when his son Morgan entered the Academy. In 2005, he transformed his investment banking skills to wrestling recruiting, helping improve the program to a 16th national ranking in 2008 and 12th in 2009. His ability to "sell" Kings Point went beyond wrestling to other varsity programs and talented scholar-athletes. He has been a major financial donor to the wrestling program resulting in the rehabilitation of the wrestling room and was co-chair in 1998 of fund raising for the new football field. The second floor conference room in the Vickery Gate Admissions Center was named for Hill's father and grandfather. He and his wife, Linda, have four children; Trevor (West Point '97), Morgan (KP '00), Kristen (Skidmore '00 and married to a '98 Kings Pointer) and Browen (Skidmore '03).</p>

<p>As you can see, the alumni have found and chosen someone who through their actions has lived the Academy Motto "Acta Non Verba" and in addition to being highly qualified for the job is an alum who has also demonstrated a passion and comitttment to furthering the aims of the Academy and making it one of the best institutions in the world.</p>

<p>The reason my son is at Kings Point is because of Charlie Hill's recruiting and help. Best of luck and he is a very fine man.</p>

<p>While it would be nice to have a graduate of KP or one of the other service academies as Superintendent, this thought misses the point of USMMA's recent problems. No one is likely to be successful at KP, regardless of their graduating institution, if USMMA's chief financial officer, chief procurement officer and chief administrative officer continue to report to MARAD instead of the Superintendent.</p>

<p>Any news, or rumors, on a new Superintendent?</p>

<p>Marad has other priorities. Do not expect any action 'till Summer.</p>