Admission Acceptance Roll-out for CSUF & CPP

Hello all! I’m wondering if anybody knows when to expect admissions decisions to come through. Obviously the application period barely ended less than two weeks ago, but I’m wondering if anybody knows more information. With everything going on in the world it is making it difficult to make decisions regarding my education. Everything is constantly up in the air, so waiting on the admission decision is kind-of eating away at me.

Did you apply for Spring 2021?

You can check last year’s discussion threads and see when the applicants were admitted, but due to Covid the timeline may change.

I’m not seeing threads from last year. Could you please link them to me or advise me where to find them? I have only found one or two threads regarding the admission timelines for that school, but there were only a few replies on each.

I’m trying to find out too. I’ve been looking and most forums say they will probably come out later this month or next month.

I have gotten 3 emails from CPP over the past 4 days… lol So admissions emails are getting sent out already in case you haven’t heard back yet. Good luck! :slight_smile:

Congratulations! Have you heard anything from CSUF?

No, no word from CSUF as of yet.