Admission application file closed

<p>Wow, so my best friend was deferred from EA to RD and just said he received an email saying that they never received his request form to have his EA changed to RD since he was deferred, so they closed his app. He promptly forwarded the original email sent in Decemeber with said scanned signed form to <a href=""></a>, LIKE THE FORM SAYS YOU CAN DO, and he cc'd his two adreps. $1300 difference in tuition from Stanford, but you wouldn't realize it by how they run things. SCU is so ridiculous.</p>

<p>the exact same thing happened to me. after getting a heart attack, i called admissions, and they told me an email was sent out to deferred EA applicants in error, so your friend is probably fine, just have him/her call admissions to verify</p>

<p>Oh, they sent it to a bunch of people. I'll let him know. I think he was acutally more in rage that he did exactly as he was supposed to and somehow there may have been a mix up to no fault of his own. I guess it's worth saying again then that SCU is so ridiculous. I wonder how that "FBI investigation" is going with the whole grades scandal they found out about this year - they didn't even know about it until a handful of years after it happened. And that's just the things they know about. I'm sure if something like that can go unnoticed for a number of years, other stuff has happened that they don't know about.</p>

<p>In case no one remembers or didn't hear:
Santa</a> Clara University: Hacker changed grades of 60 students - San Jose Mercury News</p>

<p>I'm sure these kinds of things happen at all elite colleges all the time as well. I have not noticed SCU any more or less problematic than its peer colleges. </p>

<p>Vandy just had a major snafu with acceptance notices to kids who were not accepted--some 76+ kids affected (talked about on another thread), lawsuits threatened, etc. Colleges need to continually improve these problems areas but I don't know if being in "rage" is even helpful here.</p>

<p>In his defense, "rage" was my word, not his. I actually don't think he was all too upset about it especially since it was all cleared up as an error.</p>

<p>And I agree - I'm sure there are a lot of horrid things happening at colleges and universities across the country. I guess my overall point was that the students should expect more when the COA of a school for 4 years is $100,000+. And I'll always live by the point that if someone went to and paid for SCU, then they pretty much just paid for Stanford without actually attending Stanford.</p>

<p>To follow up on my friends emails. He told me this morning that his SCU adrep emailed him back about yesterday apologizing and stating that the email was, in fact, sent in error. Buuuuuut, then she said the only thing missing from his app then was his 7th semester grades from Senior year in HS. He said he replied to her stating that they should have all his grades since he graduated from HS 6 years ago and whatever his HS counselor sent AND the official transcripts he sent should have verified this. He, and I couldn't help but roll our eyes when he said she replied that they do have all his grades.</p>

<p>To me, this means that she obviously didn't take that close a look into his app when he sent it in EA. I understand they may look through a lot, but you'd think they would at least look at the grades sent in. This makes me wonder too how many other apps they may have "overlooked"?</p>

<p>Daughter also received that email message from SCU that EA application file was closed even though she turned in the form confirming her desire to be considered for RD before the deadline. Yes, it also caused a bit of a panic here too, but a call to the admissions department the same day cleared things up. She said the wait on hold was quite long due to so many students calling in to find out what the heck was going on. Later she received another email correcting the mistake. She is still waiting to get a final decision from SCU.</p>