Admission blues

<p>Hi all, I am wondering if anyone has some advice on this. I applied for CSU Fullerton last year. I was laid off in September and haven't been able to find work, so this Spring semester I signed up for all 15 units I needed in order to transfer.</p>

<p>During the spring semester they asked for some grade progress in May. I hand delivered my unofficial transcripts and a few weeks later I was offered admission. After the offer of admission, there were two more "deadlines".</p>

<p>One deadline said final grades for spring by June 25th. The second deadline said all final transcripts by October, if not already in. I ordered my officials + IGETC from Golden West College on June 9th I believe. They got to CSUF on July 10th because GWC is real slow to get out grades and I needed the IGETC Cert.</p>

<p>I am given a registration date of July 20th. I am enroll blocked all the way to July 21st, so I call to ask why I am still blocked. They said that since I did not submit my grades by the 25th, I don't get in. I told them the grades weren't even released until the 15'th or so and I placed my order on the 9th. They said a bunch of people are in the same boat, and basically oh well.</p>

<p>I e-mailed them and basically they said the same thing. They told me I should have sent them unofficial grades instead. I have already been accepted at this point and also sent them a transcript in May showing all 15 units of classes I am taking. I have already accepted the offer of admission at this point, applied and receiving financial aid and have all my classes lined up perfectly ( and they are still open! ).</p>

<p>Basically they are trying to screw me out of college because of one little technicality. Does anyone have any experience with any of this? I know the people on the phone and those who answer the email pretty much have no power at the college anyway. Is this something I can fight, and how?</p>

<p>Thanks for the long read, if you made it.</p>

<p>Talk to the tranfer center at Goldenwest College & ask them to help you with an appeal. I go to IVC & they don't release final transcripts until late also but the transfer center said to order them during finals week and note to hold them until final grades are released. Good Luck.</p>

<p>I went to cal state fullerton for 2 years and basically had enough of the run around by the adminstration, so I transfered out. The state budget cuts and csuf admitting anyone has really put the strain on everyone at csuf.
Csuf has great teachers and even decent students but where it is totally lacking is in the adminstartion. Everyone will tell you something different and you have to be totally agressive and type A to get what you want. A little over half of my friends have been screwed by admissions & records/counslers/fin aid...They say one thing but then the next wekk it is the complete opposite. The best one is when the phantom hold is put on your account and the person who can take it off went on vacation but you register in less than three hours and you only have one hour during Titan one to realize all the classes are taken anyways....</p>

<p>Honestly, do yourself a favor and look elsewhere...
I have come to realize after going to three different cal states that they are basically the same except for the cal polys. </p>

<p>Whats your major and since you went to golden west college you are out of area...If you went to csuf feeder school Fullerton College then you might have had a chance.
Plus the csu system has a lot of great programs that could help you take classes at csuf without even being admitted through the concurrent enrollment while you attend another cal state.</p>