Admission chance at Kenyon!

Hey! I am an international student from South Asia. I’m going to apply to Kenyon for ED.
My statistics are:
TOEFL: 108
CGPA: 3.85 (put of 4.0) (Incredential evaluation it turns out to be 4.0)
SAT: 1350 (R &W:580 and Maths: 770)

I’ve got straight A+'s and A’s in all courses.

I’m going to take SAT subject tests for 3 subjects on next Saturday. I believe I’ll get at least 750 in each of them (most likely perfect scores on two of them).

About Academics, I scored the highest of all the students from my high school. I have pretty good extracurricular activities.

I’m pleased with my essay and I think Kenyon will like my essay (I’d read the suggestions from the dean of Kenyon).

Can you kindly help me what will be my chance of getting admission at Kenyon? I’ll love your suggestions to improve myself.

(I’ve heard that Kenyon focuses mainly on transcripts and other things reflecting academics. SATs are secondary elements for Kenyon. (In fact, the average GPA of Kenyon is 3.9)

Your reading score on the SAT is low.

Are you in need of significant financial aid ? If so, then unlikely.

Kenyon is one of the eight schools my daughter is interested in! She has one friend who has already committed to go there for baseball.

Kenyon does mark Academic Transcript as “very important.”
Standardized test scores are “important,” so one notch down, but still important.

According to the Common Data Set, their 25th-75th for SAT is
630-740 verbal
640-740 math
So you are below the range on verbal, but above it on math. Hopefully given that you are an international student, they will take that into consideration, especially if the first language of your country of origin is not English!

(ACT range reported as 29-33 composite,
31-35 for English
26-31 for Math.)

OBSERVATION: I don’t know if this is always true, but according to the Common Data Set, for the class which entered in Fall 2017, 334 applied early decision and 233 were accepted! So your plan to apply ED seems like a wise one, if you are able to pay. (The one downside to ED is you cannot compare financial aid packages.)

Good luck!

For comparison, my Kenyon FY had a 1340 SAT as a high school freshman. For a school that sees itself as a writer’s college, your R&W is very low. If you can pay full cost or close to it, maybe. But if you’re looking for alot of scholarships, either waitlisted or denied would be my guess.
Kenyon listing test scores as a tier below is misleading. Really, they want both.

That is a good point – that score is <25% for Kenyon. How many times have you taken the SAT? You might want to consider taking it again.

Guys, thank you for your comments. I got into Kenyon with a very personalized acceptance letter of admiration. The financial aid is more than I’d expected and I’m very happy with it. To let you know more about my stats, here you go:

SAT: 1350 (EBRW:580, Maths: 770)
(I’d taken my SAT again in December, but this remained unused because my ED acceptance came before my SAT result. And in Dec SAT my score was 1440 (EBRW: 660, Maths: 780)

SAT Subject tests: (3 subject tests taken in Nov)
Physics: 800
Mathematics Level 2: 800
Chemistry: 770

TOEFL: 108

Thank you for your thoughts.


Nice job, @najarin. Congratulations!!

Congratulations @najarin! I’m very excited for you. Fantastic scores! My second year kiddo is loving his experience in all aspects.