Admission chances in Iowa State University and scope to improve it...

I want to study Computer Engineering in the Iowa State University. I will apply as an international freshman this fall. I want to know what is my chance and how to improve my chances of getting admitted. I scored 1310 on the SAT with 720 in math and 590 in English. I will write it once again in March and try to improve it. I will also write the TOEFL. I am fluent in English as it is my first language however I live in a country where English isn’t spoken as a first language. I have scored well in grades 9 and 10 with 90% plus in math and sciences. I lacked marks in English. I have written the IGCSE where I scored A* in Math, Physics, Computer Science and A’s in Economics, Additional Mathematics, Biology, and Chemistry. I do not have many extracurricular activities under my belt to display. I am currently in grade 11 and I am enrolled in the IB Diploma. My school grades have reduced by a bit due to the difficulty of the classes. I am giving Math HL, Physics HL, Chemistry HL, Computer Science SL, English SL, French SL. I will also be writing the SAT Subject tests soon which I will surely score 700+ on Math Level 2 and Physics. With this information and a pretty good personal essay. How are my chances of being admitted into Iowa State University for Computer Engineering? Any suggestions on what i can do to improve my chances?

@HolomorphicMan Iowa State, as well as all the public universities in Iowa, use what is called the Regent’s Admissions Index (or RAI) to determine admissions. There also a few course requirements, but I’m sure you will have met those. Here is the link so you can calculate your RAI score:

@uwalummom I had a look at that. In the section of the core courses when calculating the Regent’s score, are those courses generally only from grades 11 and 12. Because there are a ton of them and many are like Statistics, Calculus and stuff like that. But I am from an international high school, so I don’t know which all apply to me other than the IB courses.

No, it’s all courses, like English each of the four years, history, all hard sciences, etc.