Admission Chances just for a young friend

<p>A young Singaporean (of Chinese descent) guy who is planning to start his studies in an Californian public high school that is competitive and ranks students in Grade 8 asked me, 'can you get into Princeton or Stanford alone just by having</p>

<li>2400 on SAT ("I will practice, practice and practice!")</li>
<li>790, 780, 780 for SAT Subject Tests</li>
<li>35 ACT</li>
<li>8 AP '5's</li>
<li>GPA 4.0, taking the hardest course load that the school district can offer</li>
<li>At the bare minimum, 3rd in 300</li>
<li>Good recommendations, judging from teachers (this guy can not only skate! I didn't know skaters are intellectual too!)</li>
<li>Some volunteering work in a special school in summers, teaching them skateboarding</li>
<li>Some work experience in skate shop</li>
<li>Plans to Organize Skateboarding club (he says he will try his best to push for it, but what if it comes to fruitation?)</li>
<li>Plans 'Skateboarding and Culture' Seminar in Jr. High</li>
<li>Strong interest in Skateboarding and Sociology</li>
<li>"Decent writing abilities," as he aptly puts it, "that can convince others."</li>

<p>If all of the above really happens, just by judging what is above, are they enough for the Stanford/Princeton aspirant to go to Princeton?</p>

<p>I hope you can help me (who knows nothing about college admissions, coming from Singapore --- I am even surprised by his abilities to give me a lot of information on American university admission as a young kid) and that young fella assess the conditions by themselves, on whether they are good enough for Princeton/Stanford?</p>

<p>This young lad can write all these all by himself, but I decided to just plunge at this curious 'chances' opportunity to see the answers for myself too.</p>

<p>Thanks. :D</p>

<p>Applicants with 2300+ SAT, 34+ ACT, 4.0 GPA, top 1% class rank etc... stand a 25%-35% chance of admission into schools like Princeton and Stanford. In other words, even perfect students should approach those schools are major reaches. </p>

<p>For example, I know a student (white American) who applied with a 4.0 GPA, 4 APs Junior year (all 5a) and 4 APs Senior year, Valedictorian of his class, 2330 on his SAT (800 Math, 770 CR and 760 W), 800 on his SAT II Math 2, Physics and Chemistry. </p>

<p>His ECs were also pretty good. He has a handicap of 2 in Golf, was Captain his school soccer team (which was regional champion) and on the MUN team. </p>

<p>His essays and recommendations were stellar.</p>

<p>He was admitted into MIT (father is an alum), Michigan and Wisconsin. </p>

<p>He was rejected by Cal, Columbia, Harvard, Princeton and Stanford.</p>

<p>That's a pretty standard result.</p>

<p>I would say it can be done, but he's in competition with many others who have his credentials. These popular schools are often considered a reach for most everyone; a few are admitted, but most should expect to be rejected.</p>

<p>If he's intellectual as well, he might consider some of the more intellectual schools, e.g., those that produce future PhDs at a high rate:</p>

<p>Percentage</a> of graduates getting a PhD</p>

<p>Well to my young friend, he thought that PhD is just another degree as long as he has a few years of experiencing an intellectual life. Will definitely tell him to consider a LAC. :)</p>