Admission Chances PLEASE HELP

<p>Im looking into alot of other Ivy schools, but Stanford is my dream university, so please let me know how my chances are looking as far as admissions. My passion is philanthropy and finding ways to improve the community around me.</p>

<p>Major (pending): Pharmacy, sports medicine; MInor (pending): Politics as in political science</p>

<p>Hook: African American, 1st generation from Nigerian Igbo culture</p>

<p>GPA: 3.99 unweighted, around 4.3 weighted with 3 APs so far, and 3 more to go remaining classes all honors/ adv.</p>

<p>SAT: Awaiting scores hoping to get above a 2000 ACT: Taking in fall. Hope to get above 30</p>

<p>ECs: Tennis all my life, 4 years on varsity tennis, district champion, mvp all three years; Student council leadership/ First African american ASB president at my school; national honor society 2 years; FBLA (2years); Speech and debate (4years), state qualifier in open rounds, won first place novice radio, won second place open ADS; Started African American Students United (AASU) which is an organization in my school that helps African american students who needs assistance in school, and plan for college, attain scholarships to build there futures. REAP (reaching and empowering all people) an organization to help all people reach the future goals, leader in the Igbo youth community on the Igbo youth forum</p>

<p>Volunteering: Started CRT (Centennial restoration team) a graffiti cleaning team at my school; Volunteer at brook dale senior living about 50 hours, Oregon food bank 100plus hours, Community 101, Volunteer as an alter server and lecture for my church 50 plus hours, Volunteer on the Igbo youth forum, Volunteer to coach little kids tennis at Cascade athletics clubs, Have many different areas of volunteering in the EC's that i am in 100plus hours</p>

<p>Part time jobs: Service Master Building maintenance of Gresham, Working at Cascade athletic clubs</p>

<p>Awards: Numerous Tennis awards from tournaments and school, Awards on the speech and debate team, Presidents academic achievement award (Idk if it counts since i got it coming out of middle school)</p>

<p>Worries: I have read and heard that Stanford like at lest 3 years of a language but I dont really want to take Spanish another year; I am also worried about how well i need to do on the SAT's and if I dont do well say like the 1500 to 1900 range if that alone will kill my chances of getting into Stanford/ any other IVY; Im worried about if I have anything that really makes me stand out, or shows my personality through what I do.</p>

<p>Questions: If you do bad on your first SAT and do better on your second one will Ivy's still penalize you for the first one? How in the world will i possibly make an essay stating all that I do, without sounding like i am listing? If I describe my community service works/ EC's and how they link to my passion is that a good topic for my essay?</p>

<p>Anyone who takes time to give constructive feedback, I really appreciate you! Thankyou</p>

<p>We are like the same person, only you have way more EC’s than me. Scary.</p>

<p>I am a sophomore, but you seem all set: a girl in my school 4.54 cwgpa, sports for 1 year, and about the same extra curricular activities as you got into princeton.</p>

<p>Ahhh! I’m Nigerian, too :slight_smile:
You’re numbers are good. You should probably wait until your SAT scores come out so you can really gauge your standing.
Nice list of extracurricular activities. At this point (if your SATs are 2000+) all you can really do is work on perfecting your application (remember: nothing, in reality, is actually perfect. Just try your best.)
About your essay that you asked about: Focus on community service and philanthropy since that seems to be the activity you are most passionate about. Furthermore, focus on one community service project… the one that has had the greatest impact.
After that, it’s all up to the school… honestly it is. I have a very close friend (Nigerian as well) get in to Georgetown with a 1700. It’s all up to the school.
Good luck, girl! We’re both applying this fall!! :)</p>