Admission chances please

Freaking out a little bit. Wisconsin is my top choice and I’ve showed a lot of interest (emails, visits, etc.) my school weights gpa I have a 3.89 with 4 AP classes. My ACT was a 28 but I’m waiting to hear back on my last ACT and it hopefully went up to a 29-30. My uncle went there and has some pull, so he’s writing me a letter. I am from nj where not a lot of people apply from and I go to an extremely rigorous high school. Pretty good extracurriculars jobs, ice hockey captain, 4 years on varsity, along with others. I submitted my application extremely early and had very strong essays. What are my chances? Do they go up a lot even if I get one more point on my ACT? (I also applied undecided btw)

Strong progression too, had a 4.12 junior year

What is your unweighted GPA?


Your stats are right in there. When do you get the ACT results?

November 10th is the earliest

You’re in the huge middle group. btw- visits, emails, et al showing interest make no difference. Showing positive interest in your essays could tip the balance.

I guess we’ll hope, my essays were pretty solid i spent a lot of time going over them with my English teacher