Admission chances?

<p>I am currently entering my senior year in high school. One university that I have been eying more and Pitt. I do live in Pennsylvania, so hopefully it will increase my chances for admission. I want to study Biomedical Engineering, so my question really is if I could get into the Swanson School of Engineering.</p>

<p>My SAT scores are 2030 and 2020, and my superscore is 2080 (superscore for just CR and Math is 1370). Out of school, I have a job in a sports retail store and volunteer to phonebank during local and national elections. I also play soccer and basketball (not for my school). I will be playing varsity tennis for my school next year.</p>

<p>That aside, my main problem is my GPA. Weighted, it will be about a 3.55 overall. Most of my classes are honors and AP classes, which I have gotten As and Bs in, except for AP Biology, which I found extremely difficult and ended up getting a C in. I am taking 2 APs and 2 Honors classes in my senior year.</p>

<p>I know my GPA is not as impressive as many others who will apply this summer, but if I continue to work hard and write a great essay along with two or three great recommendations, honestly, what are my chances of getting in? </p>

<p>And if i cannot get in, what are some other great engineering schools that I CAN get into?</p>

<p>I had the same problem as you 2 years ago and I got in. I had a 1380 M+R on the SAT but my GPA was only about an 87 (I'm not sure what that is on the 4.0 scale but I assure you it's low). They wanted to see my fall semester senior year grades, so with your good courseload make sure you stay diligent and hopefully you should be fine.</p>



<p>First thing: Apply early. Like now, or in September. </p>

<p>Second thing: Get good teacher recommendations. </p>

<p>Third: Write a great essay.</p>

<p>And like thatguy said, keep your first quarter grades high, Pitt Engineering will probably ask for them after you apply to see how you're doing.</p>

<p>It might help to see if you can visit Pitt one day before you apply. Go up to the Engineering school and ask for a tour/talk to an advisor. If they know who you are and how passionate you are about coming here, it can always help.</p>