Admission chances

My daughter has a weighted GPA of 4.4 and new SAT score of 1270. Applied to Electrical Engineering. Her MCA calculates to 4790. Seems good to me. She’s nervous and so am I. Chances?

Check this admissions calculator out! :slight_smile:

It shows you Cal Poly’s average GPA, ACT, SAT, etc and you can actually check your chances of admission.
(Works for any college your daughter may have applied to! Just google the university name + prepscholar and you’ll see the different criteria)

Hi there, thanks but the link isn’t working :((

I noticed ! Ill try again no worries.
If it doesn’t work again, simply go to Google (or any search engine), type in Cal Poly Pomona Prepscholar and it should be the first link!

The admissions calculator should be allll the way at the bottom by the way! Seems like the link won’t work sorry :frowning:

CPP does not use the MCA score but the eligibility index. Only Cal Poly SLO uses the MCA score. If you meant to post in the SLO thread, her MCA score and GPA look competitive but SAT score is on the low side for Engineering. I would say 50/60 chance for SLO. For CPP, solid Match.

EI= (4.4x800) + (1270)
Good luck to her.

Thanks! I did mean CPP but was reading so much got my terminology mixed up. She didn’t apply to SLO. Appreciate your thoughts. ;:wink:

Here are the stats for last year. The average College of Engineering GPA was about 3.7 and SAT close to 1200/1600. She’s very close.

The acceptance rate for the major last year was just 33 percent, but I’d give her a good chance. Have a cup of tea and relax!

Thanks! Daughter just told me that CPP received her SAT results yesterday - I thought they had already been received. I’ll try that relaxing thing you mentioned -

Your GPA is plenty high and I would be surprised if she did not get in.