Admission Chances?

Rising Senior looking for an idea of chances into TTU.

Intended Major: Geology
State: Illinois, Town Pop. of 20,000 (family moving back to TX after my senior year)
Class Rank: School Does not provide
Cum GPA: 3.20
SAT: 1160
ACT: 25

Cross Country 9th Grade
Track 9th Grade
Varsity Bowling 10th Grade
Varsity Bowling 11th Grade
Bowling (not sure what team yet) 12th Grade
Music Club 12th Grade
Chess Club 12th Grade

I am writing the optional essay, however, I would like to know what you all think of my chances of getting into tech are.

I think your chances are good. My son is a junior at Texas Tech in the business school. His SAT and ACT are similar to yours. He has a 3.8 at TTU because he decided to dedicate himself to his studies, and he loves the university. As a parent, I feel like TTU does a good job of supporting students who want to be serious and succeed.

I think your chances are good. My DD has been accepted. Her stats were: Rank- 34% GPA 3.49 SAT: 1180. When did you apply? We heard back in about 14 days.