admission CRISIS!!!

<p>even though i cant apply till later on this year [c/o13 woohoo!!]</p>

<p>im getting an anxiety because i dont think i can get in!</p>

<p>heres my bio..lemme know whats ur take</p>

<p>from area...98% black school</p>

<p>9th grade:3.89 [all honors classes]
10th grade: 3.7 [all honors classes]
11th grade = **most likely a 3.7 or 3.8 [honors and AP]
class treasurer, academy of finance program[may b president senior year], science & technology program,future business leaders of america [gonna b president senior year] 10% of my class</p>

<p><strong>trying to major in business</strong></p>

<p>and here comes the problem...</p>

<p>im thinking i did ok with everything..until i see that all these other ppl on here have outstanding SAT scores i got a [1540..i didnt even think it was THAT LOW..but im seeing that it is]</p>

<p>what do u guys think are my chances of getting in?? because this is my first choice and i see that the standard is extremely high</p>

<p>Your stated GPA- is that weighted or unweighted? If it is weighted, your combination of stats is going to make it very tough to get in, but not impossible. Take the SAT again or take the ACT! </p>

<p>What is your ethnicity? Being a URM could help you.</p>

<p>9th and 10th is unweighted</p>

<p>11th is weighted</p>

<p>and im black</p>

<p>Retake the SAT or try the ACT.</p>

<p>You won't get in JUST because you're an URM, but it could help. But your stats are on the lower side. You still have a year to improve, so make it count.</p>

<p>you should take the act after your AP tests and then start studying for which ever you felt most comfortable taking (after you get ur ACT scores back) and spend this summer studying too. Take practice tests at least once a month and then take the test again. OR take both again. but that means you'll have to study for both (unless your ACT is amazing, then you don't have to do anything) would be most advantageous if you study a little everyday.</p>

from area...98% black school<a href="off%20topic,%20but...">/quote</a> i was just wondering...what was the point of you mentioning that the overwhelming majority of the people in your school are black?</p>

<p>Well in that area especially, a lot of majority-black schools are severely underrepresented at top schools, and tend to be in low-income areas.</p>

<p>it was mentioned because:</p>

<p>i dont know if colleges look and see that in a majority african american school system, with not as many academic achievers as most places, they may see that there is success within us and open up opportunites</p>

<p>I think it was a good call to mention it. USC will consider it. You sound very mature- just get those test scores up and you'll have a shot.</p>

<p>a girl from my school got into USC with about a 1500.......she had OUTSTANDING leadership and great recs so its possible</p>