Admission decision-- conditional or non-conditional?

<p>Does anyone knows if the admission offer of UIUC is conditional or non-conditional?
I'm an international student, and I've received my admission notification (admitted) before my GCE A-level results are out, but i'm wondering if my A-level results will have any impact on the university's admission decision? What if my results turn out to be not as good? (btw i'm still waiting for the results to be out) Will they change their mind and decide not to enroll me? :O</p>

<p>All admissions decisons are conditioned on receipt of a final high school transcript which is due by July and if you blow those A-levels that can be used to rescind the offer of admission. However, if you do decent but not spectacular, you are not likely to be rescinded.</p>

<p>hope my results will turn out decent then! (: Thnx drusba!</p>