admission decision date pool

<p>all right we are starting a pool to see which date decisions will come out. give your best guess (you don't have to include time of day). the winner will receive 5 yen.</p>

<p>Tuesday the 25th</p>

<p>Thursday the 20th</p>

<p>20th!... for me and regents at least!</p>

<p>The 32nd of Neverber.</p>

<p>simply stunning Castel...simply stunning</p>

<p>Thursday the 27th.</p>

<p>march 27, 3030</p>

<p>If regents decisions come out on the 20th, does this mean that they will post admission decisions as well? In other words, if you get regents does it mean you were accepted?</p>

<p>Friday the 21st!</p>

<p>Thursday the 20th.</p>

<p>Thurs. 20th.</p>

<p>A UCLA person told someone on the phone (on another thread) that decisions would come out "late March", and that next week was "late March". So it won't be this week (other than Regents).<br>
I predict Tuesday, 25th.</p>

<p>I hope I win!</p>

<p>How does everyone seem to know that decisions for Regents Scholars are coming out on the 20th?</p>

<p>Heck. I'll take a guess. Monday the 24th ;).</p>

<p>why don't you guys make it interesting and call the time...</p>

<p>thursday march 27th....5 O CLOCK</p>

<p>ok the time and you get 1 Euro</p>


<p>March 27th.</p>