Admission Decision Dates for Transfers a Mixed Bag

My son is a transfer student applying in this cycle for the class of 2025. When he selected his schools, he paid a lot of attention to what he liked or disliked about the colleges and his intended major and little to no attention to the release dates of admission decisions for transfer students. These dates sometimes differ from decision dates for freshmen. Most of his colleges responded quickly and set a deadline date for payment of the enrollment deposit by May 1. However there is one that is rolling until May 15 and another rolling until May 31 and one that will not release its admission decisions until June 1. In order to wait for these late decisions, he might have to let go the possibility of attending those who have already accepted him. He had hoped to get in all his decisions and then decide, but that will not happen. So the lesson learned for transfers is to make sure to check the decision dates of the schools you apply to. In my view colleges that release admission dates for transfers weeks after regular decision and after many of the admitted students events are sending a message that they don’t really care about transfers and quite frankly the long drag is just annoying. This may fit well on a transfer thread but it was definitely a lesson learned for our family that I hope will help others.

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He expects to spend four years at the school he transfers to, in addition to however long he has attended his current school?

He expects to spend about two years I think. It will depend on the credits accepted by the new school.