Admission decision delayed?

<p>Although I applied by the priority deadline, I'm still getting this message on the wesite:</p>

<p>"We are unable to offer you a decision on your application at this time. You will be contacted as soon as the decision process is complete."</p>

<p>Anyone else getting this? What might it mean?</p>


<p>I suggest you call the admissions office tomorrow.</p>

<p>Where do you go check? I applied by the priority deadline too. I haven't heard back from Maryland, but that may be because I haven't received a delayed decision letter by mail (I'm studying abroad right now).</p>

<p>you're in the RD pool. Even if you got all your stuff it, a teacher recommendation or something may have been late, and you were automatically thrown in RD (that's what happened to me).</p>

<p>Gotta wait for the RD decisions.</p>

<p>when are the RD decisions?</p>

<p>Regular Application Date</p>

<p>January 20: Both Part I and Part II are due by this date.</p>

<p>Students who complete their applications by this date will be mailed a decision letter no later than April 1. Applications received after January 20 will be reviewed on a rolling, space-available basis.</p>