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Please post your admission decision details below - PLEASE INCLUDE IF YOU APPLIED EARLY ACTION so that others are not confused by decision dates. If you were accepted to a campus other than University Park, please note that as well.

Good luck!

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I posted the same thread and haven’t heard anything back :confused:

I’m anxious to hear back from PSU

Decisions will likely not start coming out until lat November/December timeframe for Early decision applicants.

@jlhpsu Thank you for the info! Do you know when Penn State will send out financial aid packages and notify the merit scholarship recipiants?

People have stated on FB that their student has already heard back 3 weeks after submitting their application.

@fanoffriends They probably submitted their application as Rolling and not EA if they’ve already gotten a response. I submitted my rolling app a week or 2 ago and the portal says my application is complete and is being reviewed and I will get a decision soon. If you submitted EA, you will most likely have to wait for the EA release date (December 24th)


yes, only applied to UP which does not offer rolling so it says this:

Your application is currently under review. We have received everything required to complete your application. Once a decision is made, it will be posted here.

In the past few years, the people who have heard early are the ones who applied for commonwealth campuses. So, it is possible they may have already heard. I also don’t believe everything I read on facebook… I have many examples of kids posting on SM they got into Smeal in the first week of November with questionable stats… only to later find out they didn’t.

With EA, there are kids that will find out before Dec. 24th. Usually, they start sending out decisions early November.

In general, the ones to hear early are the high stats kids (getting in) or the low stats kids (getting sent 2+2). Also, some colleges (Engineering, Smeal, LA, Ag, DUS, etc.) may release decisions earlier (or later!) than others. Not every application is created equal.

For the kids in the middle, Admissions needs to see an entire application pool to figure out where to draw the “line”. So I would be surprised (although not much surprises me anymore with admissions!) if kids in the middle hear early.

Your application status can stay like that for a while. Months, in fact. There is no “rolling” decision at Penn State and their decisions aren’t first in, first out. They are pretty random. If you applied by the EA deadline of Nov 1 then you will hear by December 24. If you apply by Nov 30, you will hear by January 31. That’s really all they will tell you. Decisions don’t start rolling out for most students until Mid November to early December.