Admission Decision

<p>Hello! I was just wondering if anyone has gotten a decision/if they know when they’ll be released. I know that it says Dec. 15th on the website, but I have seen posts from other years saying they got decisions as early as Nov. 20th. Is it the same this year? Will decisions start to be released soon? Thanks.</p>

<p>People are saying that this is Ohio State’s first year with the common app so they will probably stick to the Dec. 25 deadline. You could have saved yourself a lot of time by actually reading the current threads, there was one discussing this recently.</p>

<p>This is not the first year the Ohio State has used the common app, they used it last year.</p>

<p>First time was spring semester 2013. First time for fall incoming class.</p>

<p>Fall 2012 was the first time with the Common App. My son had his decision on Nov 16.</p>

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<p>My 2 older sons applied using the OSU application (2006 & 2010) and 3rd son (applying Fall 2012) had to apply using the Common App. Not sure where The Lantern got its info but I guarantee the Common App was the only form to use to apply last Fall. It was miserable and he would have much preferred the OSU form but it was no longer available.</p>

<p>I don’t mean to start an argument…</p>

<p>Your right! Shouldn’t rely on The Lantern for my info !</p>

<p>Terrible fact checking by the Lantern…Common App was used in fall 2012 which helped tOSU increase applications dramatically from my area.</p>

<p>Our daughter applied OOS for early admissions and met with our state’s OSU admission representative in late November, who said this was the first year they did early action and they received more applications than expected. She told my daughter not to be surprised if we heard something as late as January. She said rejections would go out first, and then acceptances.</p>

<p>So the deadline of Dec. 15th won’t apply then? That’s…frustrating.</p>

<p>If that’s true I’m gonna be so angry. I’e been dying to hear back</p>

<p>It is frustrating…all this waiting. The website said we’d hear something “mid-December” on EA decisions. But that was posted before the Nov. 1 application deadline and the greater-than-expected apps that came in.</p>

<p>But you never know…the admissions team may assemble an army of helpers to pull through and let us know by the original mid-December date!</p>

<p>I called today and it sounds like they are HOPING for about December 15th.</p>

<p>People are starting to be notified via Buckeye Link; fingers crossed!</p>

<p>Daughter was admitted! We’ll have 2 Buckeyes now. Son is a senior at OSU but will be there next fall semester for remaining CPA credit hours.</p>


<p>GPA: 3.45/4
ACT:28, 8</p>

<p>Plethora of clubs and extracurriculars
Varsity Sports
Leadership positions</p>

International from India.

<p>Lots of clubs and Ecs
However, will attend UW Madison (accepted earlier today) for economics</p>

<p>Denied to Ohio State:
ACT 28
GPA:3.84 UW
Student Counsel President
National Honor Society
Buckeye Boy State</p>

<p>I’m honestly stunned I didn’t get in…I guess ill go to Newark</p>

<p>DD2 Admitted - Engineering</p>

28 ACT
top 5% class rank
Captain of 2 Sports</p>