Admission decision

Has anyone received an admissions decision yet? Did you apply ED?

My son applied EA and has his phone interview tomorrow. No decision yet.

Thank you! Should be any day now…

Hey! Has anyone received an ED decision yet? I thought they were supposed to come out today but I havent heard anything yet

Did the school request a phone interview or did you?? Wasn’t sure if it was necessary for admissions…

They sent my son an email. Then sent me an email to set up an interview. Has anyone heard an admission decision yet?

@piepiepie3 - Did your son interview on campus? Our D17 applied EA, interviewed on campus and we are still waiting to hear.

we have not received a decision yet - applied EA November 1

My daughter applied Early Action, but wasn’t asked to do an interview?? We haven’t heard anything yet…I was told by someone that Early Decision was notified but Early action will hear this month- no later than Feb 1st

I was told today decisions will be sent during the last week of January. Only by mail not through the portal.