Admission Decisions

Does anyone know when decision notifications will start?

I read 4-6 weeks after application and all materials are received

Has anyone heard anything yet? Reading through last years thread it seemed as though people started getting notified around 11/13.

Nothing yet. Status still says submitted on portal. Do you know how they notify? Mail or email? Applied 10/4.

Last year there was a mailed letter.

My son applied in August and called yesterday to make sure everything was on track. They said a decision had been made and he will receive a letter within a week.

@jdkpa21 thanks for the info. Keep us posted.

Do you know if it depends on the program? I applied to the PT program in August and I’m getting anxious to hear back!

@cff300 they said they started reviewing applications in October. Hopefully you’ll hear something soon.

@md2384 I just ran home for lunch and it was in the mailbox! Of course I didn’t open it but it’s here and pretty obvious it’s an acceptance. Now I have to go back to work and wait until 5:00 to see what’s inside, ugh.

@jdkpa21 - so exciting! congrats!

Just checked mail - nothing. bummer

D19 just texted me that she received her acceptance in the mail today.

@DCNatFan , right on! When did the app get submitted?

@md2384 App was submitted 8/4/18. Acceptance letter also included merit aid award.

@DCNatFan , that is great that merit was included. Nice to not have to wait. How did she do? Mind sharing stats?

@md2384 Shew received $23k in aid. Her stats are 3.4 GPA and 1290 SAT.

@DCNatFan , that’s good! We will probably get about the same…3.83UW (4.42 W) and 1240, maybe a bit less if it is only based on SAT.

…if d gets acceoted. Lol. A little presumptions of me.

Thought I’d let people know that my S received his acceptance today in the mail. His app was submitted on October 14 and his high school sent his transcript on October 28. He received a total of $21k which includes a $4k housing allowance if he lives on campus. His stats are 3.17uwgpa, 3.73 wgpa, 1220 SAT. His major is political science.

hi! i received my acceptance yesterday and was wondering if any knows how you find out if you got in to the honors college. I received a merit scholarship but didn’t see anything about honors program so i am just curious if anyone knows how it works. thanks !