Admission Decisions

Hi All! I applied to the USF Sacramento Campus BSN program. I am wondering when I should receive notification of the decision either by mail or email. Just last Saturday my applicant status portal changed to, “Decided. Decisions are in the mail.” I live in the Bay Area so it should probably get to me fast. What had me puzzled was the fact that the website said decisions begin on December 10.

Did you try to call them?

Did you receive anything in the mail?

Nothing yet.

Received rejection letter today. GPA: 3.98 and military veteran transferring from De Anza College. I don’t get it. Oh well.

Maybe it’s a case of rejecting overqualified applicants. Many colleges do that because they might sense you may be using them as safeties and don’t want to waste an acceptance for someone who won’t attend. I’m not an expert by any means so I might be wrong, idk.

I’m sorry to hear that! You’re definetly have a high GPA! Veteran experience too… you’re the perfect applicant! Did you by any chance have an interview with them! I heard some applicants got interviewed?

No interview, I’ve even attended their information meetings and they weren’t mentioned. Sucks, USF was on top of my list. I wanted to attend because the program works closely with the Department of Veterans Affairs. Being a veteran and all I thought I would have the advantage. No choice now but to keep moving forward and see if I can get into any other programs. Good luck everyone.

Sorry to hear that. Can you apeal?

That’s so weird. I was reading past forums and I thought first round was acceptances, not rejections?
Don’t give up though! You have high stats!!

Thanks, I scored 90s in the TEAS and HESI so hopefully I can get a slot at one of the CSU’s.

Received an acceptance letter for transfer into the nursing program at the main campus. Received an email that our application decision had been made. It was linked in our application portal.