Admission for Computer Science

Hi I saw that Georgia tech considers applications without their major, but I don’t know how true this is. I heard from other sources that it is harder to get into Tech when applying as a computer science major. I have a 1570 and a 4.73 GPA but not extra curricular activities in the computer science field. I was wondering if I should apply as a computer science major or apply as another major and then switch my first year. However, I have heard that some people could not switch due to the popularity of the computer science at Georgia Tech.

Yes, in some colleges it is impossible to transfer into CS due to the major being at capacity, even if your grades would otherwise qualify you. This is a good question to ask the admissions rep. You have high stats and you should apply, but there might come a time when you may have to decide what is more important to you: attending GT or being a CS major.

Are you in state? describes changing major to CS at Georgia Tech.

I am out of state

i am out of state

If you are focused on CS, you should prioritize on getting acceptances into the CS program not the school.

Agree focus on CS acceptances particularly if out of state. In state with free tuition my advice may be different. All majors are going to be highly competitive out of state though!!!

What is your in-state option? Are your parents OK with $50k/year without FA?

Pretty much all the CS classes are online this fall. I suspect that to continue. My son is in the middle of transferring from business to industrial engineering at GT.

I do remember him saying that you’re allowed one switch with no/little trouble but not sure that included CS. That said, I think you would be for competitive for admission to CS. His HS friend turned down several schools like UMich for GT.

I would apply CS and let the chips fall.