Admission for Fall 2010 still postponed?

<p>Hey all, I applied in February as a transfer from UMBC and UMCP wanted my spring grades which were sent a month ago, which were a 3.5. I was told I had a good chance but now since it is taking so long I heard that the class may be full. I have been calling them a lot and they keep telling me to wait and don't really seem to know what is going on or any details on when I will know a decision. They finally told me to email a counselor, which I did, and she is not responding. I'm really worried because the UMBC housing cancellation fee goes up again in 2 days and I would really rather not stay there. Has anybody else also not heard back yet or had a similar experience? Also, is it too late to get housing at UMCP?

<p>I was postponed also and I have not received a decision</p>