Admission/High School Activities

<p>I am currently a sophomore in high-school and my goal is to go to a school like NYU. I think my academics are good enough to get in but I've heard NYU really likes to see a lot of extra circular activities. I'm in FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America), I play volleyball, and also do MMA (I'm a black belt). I want to know other activities I could join in, weather its at school or outside, that would interest NYU. Any ideas?....</p>

<p>Ok so i logged on only to answer your question because it actually hits home..... Now yes a school Like NYU will love to see ECs but you asking what ECs to do defeats the purpose. Does this (please excuse my language) sound like the same ******** everyone says? if you dont believe me than let me give you a personal story. </p>

<p>I was once like you i was a great student academically and i wanted lots and LOTS of ECs, now everyone told me that it was quality not quantity but i didnt believe them. the year where i took on 6+ clubs my grades dropped to Cs and Ds. now you might be thinking "cool dude but im smarter than you" it was the same thing i though before when people told me. Before i took on 6+ clubs my grades were all As and one or two Bs.... i was in the top 10%. I fell to the top 30%.</p>

<p>Now this DOES not mean that you should not do ECs because they are in my opinion one of the most important things you can do in school. But do what interests you not what people say is "good for college". sound like more ********? well let me give you another example.</p>

<p>I joined 6 clubs became a officer in around 2. My friend joined FBLA and jazz band, and cross country. I the next year only have one officer position left( although since this was my main club i became vice-president) and had to quit 3/ 6 clubs. my friend became regional vice pres of FBLA and went to states, and stayed in jazz band, and lettered in cross country. what do you think looks better?</p>

<p>honestly your activities are good enough right now... For FBLA try to get to states or heck even nationals, For volleyball try to letter, for MMA (since you are a black belt) enter some competitions and try to win. if you show passion and achievement in these three activities it will look MUCH better than 6 activities which you do nothing for. </p>

<p>BTW: the following year i only did 3 activities Debate, FBLA, and another club
Debate- Stayed as vice-president and got elected president the following year. FBLA i went to states and won 10th in Intro to business. and in the other club i served as a member of the board that organized events. and my grades went up substantially</p>