Admission inquiry, advice please!!

<p>So, I gave in my online application today for spring 2014 (January), now I need to give in my transcripts. However, I live in the middle east. I have applied to the Abington Campus, how long will it take to reach them? Is there any other way of sending it to them since the deadline is Oct 1st? Also, I've heard that applications will be considered even after the deadline.</p>

<p>Wouldn’t it make more sense to ask the admissions office than an online forum?
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<p>Hi, and DO NOT worry about the deadline… i decided to apply to PSU (main campus) last year literally the day of the “deadline”, didn’t get the app in for a week, transcripts at least a week and SAT’s probably 2…Once everything was in it took about 2 weeks for the decision…accepted! AND i got a scholarship which came later for 6k a year. And today, i am a freshman at penn state. So to recap…don’t stress about it.</p>

<p>@or 2013 Wow, thank you so much that reply. Which major did you apply for, and were you OOS</p>

<p>@1moremom, I already sent an email. Thanks for the link.</p>

<p>I would not count on having or2013’s experience. In past years we have had posts from well qualified students who were late getting their applications in and were denied.</p>