Admission notification date?

<p>Hi everybody! So it is finally March and everybody who applied to UC Davis should be finding out whether or not we have been accepted. On the UC Davis site, it says the notification date is in mid-March. I was just wondering if anyone knows the exact date we will be finding out the admission decisions. Also feel free to posts your stats. Thanks :)</p>

<p>I guess I will start with my stats. </p>

<p>Animal Science major
3.6 (UC GPA)
1610 SAT
3 APs (got 3 on AP bio and AP English)
3 year high school football player, also played baseball (not for my HS), volunteer at an animal shelter, did a vet shadow, 100+ volunteer hours</p>

<p>My SAT is kind of low, but I wrote a pretty good essay. Hopefully it is enough to get me in. UC Davis is my #1 choice.</p>

<p>3.94 GPA solid ECs OOS New York (Syracuse area) 2010 SAT 7 APs </p>

<p>Also my first choice</p>

<p>I believe it’s the fifteenth from the other threads I’ve seen</p>

<p>Small correction: freshmen will find out this month if they’re accepted or not. Transfer students have to wait until April to hear decisions. </p>

<p>@sopranokitty Thanks for the correction.</p>

<p>The thread from last year showed the 15th, but I looked at acceptances from other years and they were sent out as late as the 23rd. We should probably call the admissions office to confirm a notification date. I hope we find out by the 15th because I am so anxious to know whether or not I got accepted.</p>

<p>Here are my stats! Im an animal science major too! Hoping for general large animal practitioning in the future :stuck_out_tongue:
3.9 GPA
1740 SAT
3s and 4s on AP exams
I think my essays were pretty good!
Volunteer for 7 years at local humane society (dog walker)
2 year volunteer at theraputic horse ranch
Summer intern for the same horse ranch
I compete in western equitation for same horse ranch
Currently interning for a (very popular) small animal vet
CSF officer/member 4 years
NHS member 2 years
Anti Defamation League VP
Several school related clubs/club president of 1
Marching band/wind ensemble/jazz band member 4 years
Marching band section leader 3 years+ tons of band specfic awards</p>

<p>You could say I keep myself busy…lol. Good luck to everyone!</p>

<p>It is almost time for UC Davis to begin releasing their decisions. So, from previous threads, it looks like UC Davis release date is around March 15. However the 15th falls on a Saturday this year. Will UCD still release admissions over the weekend, or will they just wait until the following week?</p>

<p>UC Davis confirmed that they will release decisions on March 14. @bugsy12</p>

<p>@bruin2018 Just curious, how did you find this out? Did you call their admission office?</p>

<p>@bugsy12 </p>

<p>It was online! I don’t have the link rn but if I find it I’ll post it on here. </p>

<p>Another thread mentioned this article which gives the Mar. 14 admission release date for freshman (Apr. 18 for transfer):</p>

<p><a href=“”></a></p>

<p>It’s towards the end of the article.</p>

<p>So all decisions are released in one day? Not in waves?</p>

<p>Yup UC Davis is all in one day</p>

<p>Just a few more days, fellow comrades…</p>