admission notification

On the website it says if you apply by the oct 15 deadline youll hear back “on or before december 14th.”

I applied a couple of weeks ago. I know someone who applied early october last year, and heard back at the start of november…

is the notification date later this year, or do they send out decisions well before the date?

also, is the notification by mail only? no online access or email?


Things can change for year to year, so for best info call admissions. In the past, USC has only notified by mail. Usually first batch sent out in December. Not sure where you read on or before Dec. 14. This is directly from website under freshman application deadlines for students applying by Oct deadline:

“If you submit your completed application by this date, we will mail your decision letter during December 15 Early Answer Week”

This is consistent with what has happened in past. I’m not sure what circumstances would give someone an answer in early November.

My daughter applied by the Oct deadline last year and found out in early November. It is by mail. She received ‘The BIG envelope’ with a YES on the outside. She also had friends that didn’t find out until December. We are out of state.

The date on the acceptance letter is what USC uses to determine priority for housing.

Good Luck

I am pretty sure this is incorrect and that Housing uses the application date, not the acceptance date.

I had multiple conversations with housing about this and it’s the acceptance date.

^^That’s a change from previous years then.

The Housing website says “application date to the University” in two different spots.

Last year my daughter heard by mail on 12-15

One of my friends actually got their acceptance today, seems they have started to roll out.

My daughter just received her acceptance letter in today’s mail. They have started getting them out with a huge yes on it. Go Gamecocks!

acceptance letter received by mail today for an OOS student, app and TopScholar app submitted by 10-15.

Also included a preliminary scholarship notification, with notice that more would follow in March.

Congrats everyone!

How is it determined who hears back first? Is it the order you applied? Location? Is it a bad sign if you don’t hear back this week…

It is not a bad sign if you don’t hear this week. Usually they notify the applicants that applied for top merit scholarships first. If you didn’t apply Honors College or top merit scholar, then you probably won’t hear for a few more weeks. This applies to freshman applicants only. Transfer applicants are reviewed when all documents are received to complete the application. So, those notifications will be sporadic.

My daughter’s friend heard back yesterday but she did not apply to the Honors College or for a merit scholarship. She did have everything in the first week of October.

The last of my materials arrived Oct 13th, so hopefully I’ll hear back soon. I didn’t apply to the honors college, but may qualify for a small merit award.

^^ Don’t sweat it. If you met early deadline you will hear by mid-December. They are ahead of schedule this year, but there’s no way to tell how they decide what order to send out acceptances. Be aware that some people get a “you get at least $” but financial information is not final until March.

Since they are ahead of schedule this year with EA apps, do you think that it’s possible that Honors College decisions will be mailed earlier than the week of Dec 15?

I applied in early October and just got my acceptance in the mail yesterday! Guaranteed at least in-state tuition (I’m from Texas) plus possibly more scholarship money and am still waiting to hear back about honors college.

Daughter got accepted yesterday. OOS 30 ACT 3.9 GPA.