Admission of in-state student to a state university

<p>1) Does the state universities in IL give higher preference to in-state HS students over a out-of-state student of similar standing?</p>

<p>2) When a dependent student graduated in an out-of-state HS while the parents are residence in IL. Even though the student will likely be considered as in-state for IL tuition; but by applying with an out-of-state HS diploma, will he still benefit from the preference we discussed in point 1 above. </p>

<p>3) Despote what the published data says, any feel for what actual SAT score is likely sufficient for admission to U of Illinois at Champaign as in-state applicant?</p>

<p>U</a> of I Admissions: Freshman Admission Requirements
^read through the link.</p>

<p>the standard for out of state students is pretty much the same as in state. That being said, if the student meets the middle 50% ranges for SAT and class rank they should be in good shape</p>

<p>UIUC evaluates in-state and out-of- state on same basis for freshman admission and gives some favor to in-state for transfer admission; other public universities in Illinois may give some favor to in-state for freshman admission and in-state does not depend on where you went to high school..</p>