Admission Process for an international student?

I’m currently a junior in highschool in America and I would really like to apply to La Sorbonne (Paris IV) to study at the School of Journalism (CELSA) however I’m not quite sure how the application process works and what the requirements are because every website leads me to a completely different one.
I have about a 3.8-9 GPA weighted and have all Honors courses as well as 2 APs for next year in Studio Art and Art History as well as a few middle college programs in English, French (4 years) as well.
I go to a private catholic high school and my SAT scores are around a 1620 right now but I expect to get them up to an 1800 or a 1750 the least. I also have plenty of extracurriculars including National French Honor Society and other societies.

I just want to know if what I have as of right now is enough information to send with my application. As well as where I could find the application… And what I need to know as a student who is coming from America meaning how dorms, campus, visa’s, french knowledge tests, etc / anything else I need to know.

This also goes for Oxford. Do I have enough stuff to get into there? And how does the visa/application process work for an international student and is there an undergraduate college for communications/journalism?

Oh! As well as deadlines!

First, I would say that you should post that on a french forum . Well, you’re lucky, i’m in the opposite situation.
Honestly, La Sorbonne is a very good school (one of the best, not to say the best, in litterature for example,) but not as selective as you might think (talking for french students). I think you might have to take the FLEU (not sure about the orthograph) which is like the TOEFL. The baccalaur