Admission/Rejection Decisions

<p>Figured a thread should be started to track down which CC members have been accepted/rejected to what programs (perhaps we can meet?).</p>

<p>The list..which includes of now...</p>


Oxbridge Academic Programs (scholarship): kenflyken</p>

<p>this is a good thread! bummmp</p>

<p>i am still waiting on decisions.</p>

<p>kenflyken: through what medium of communications were you notified that oxbridge rejected you for the scholarship?</p>

<p>Accepted- Harvard SSP 8 week session
still waiting on MITES and RSI, but those will most likely be rejections :(</p>

<p>degoutant, i was notified by email....on friday T-T...did u get a reply yet?</p>

<p>ok...updated list</p>

Harvard SSP: rosee09</p>

Oxbridge Academic Programs (scholarship): kenflyken</p>

<p>I got the Oxbridge scholarship for the Oxford Tradition; didn't get the one for the week in rural France/Paris/Spain though. </p>

Harvard SSP: rosee09
Oxbridge Scholarship: degoutant</p>

Oxbridge Academic Programs (scholarship): kenflyken</p>

<p>Accepted- Summer@Brown</p>

<p>someone tell me the website for summer@brown?</p>

<p>Brown</a> University Summer & Continuing Studies</p>

<p>thx, but dude . . . expensive</p>

<p>accepted @ SSP (Summer science program!) Socorro Campus!</p>

<p>Yay! Congrats (ssp is AMAZING :D)</p>

<p>ria do you mind posting some of your stats? i applied to SSP too and im wondering about my chances (they haven't gotten back to me yet..=)</p>

<p>ugh!...I have to wait until May for my decision from SAMS and AP/EA @ CM</p>

<p>I Can't Wait That Long!!!</p>

<p>I think they took me out of pity, since my stats aren't that strong. And I come from one of the crappiest high schools from one of the most competitive states. </p>

<p>GPA: 4.4 (weighted, as of semester one)
AP: We aren't allowed to take them before junior year, so this year : AP lang & comp, AP French lang & comp, AP Physics C
Other classes: Calculus H (BC next year :]), VHS Bioethics Symposium, Dual Enrollment, Band.
SAT: 2090 :[ (M670, CR670, W750) <- but I didn't know I would apply here, so I didn't even try on these. :[
PSAT: 204
SAT II: Bio - 740
Extracurriculars: Foreign Language Club Officer, Best Buddies Treasurer, Key Club treasurer, NHS, NAHS, NFHS, Lit Mag, art club, Band, played piano since the age of six and some competitions from there, As schools Match Wits, run indoor and outdoor track, FIRST Robotics team (programming)
Other: Harvard SSP summer of 2007, ASPIRE Polymer Engineering program, Hospital volunteering (100+ hours) Community service from other clubs, YES research project.
I'm also a second generation immigrant, so I don't know how much that influenced the decision. </p>

<p>But really, at least according to my stats, I don't think it's that academic based. Most of my essays were about my love of Stephen Hawking, meditation, the Buddha. And I wrote them a sonnet (albeit a bad one) for the 'what makes you unique?' question... :]</p>

Harvard SSP: rosee09
Oxbridge Scholarship: degoutant
Summer@Brown: vab22
SSP Socorro: <em>ria</em>_</p>

Oxbridge Academic Programs (scholarship): kenflyken</p>