Admission rescinded?

<p>Hi, I'm taking fairly difficult classes: AP Microeconomics, AP Macro, AP Gov, and AP Psych, and English Composition II (ENC1102) this semester. I wrote on my application that I was going to take a dual enrollment Statistics (STA2023) this semester as well but I couldn't due to some scheduling issues. Will my admission to FSU be rescinded because of this?</p>

<p>I could take it in the summer before school starts too if its really necessary. </p>

<p>I emailed them, should I do anything else?</p>

<p>I really think this is a minor mishap and they wont rescind. My grades are pretty decent and my test scores are really good for FSU.</p>

<p>If you are entering as a freshman, I wouldn't think it matters as long as you are otherwise meeting the admission requirements. If you are an AA transfer, and STA2023 a prerequisite to getting in to the major, then it would definitely make a difference.</p>

<p>By the way, I recently took STA2023. I know it's called "Elementary Statistics," but that class was no joke. It was probably good that you didn't take it at the same time that you were taking a bunch of hard classes.</p>

<p>Yeah, about the only way I see you being rescinded would be if you had been accepted to a limited-access major where that Statistics class was a pre-requisite class to be admitted to the major. But if that was the case, you wouldn't have been admitted to the major anyway.</p>

<p>So yeah, I don't see it being a problem.</p>

<p>There's a Change Form on the Freshman Admissions page under Quick Links. You fill out this form to let them know of any changes, including schedule changes.</p>

<p>I had a change in the original schedule I provided on my application as well. I notified them before decisions came out and I was still admitted.</p>