Admission rescinded

Has anyone here ever been rescinded for missing one required course for your major the spring prior to transferring? Would not enrolling in the class increase your admission being revoked, or is it only for people who failed the course? Thanks you for your time.

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Is taking and completing the course part of your Conditions of admission contract prior to matriculation?

Yes it was part of the conditions of admission. It’s just one course though, and it can be taken during summer. Have you heard cases of people not being rescinded even though missing prep work?

Does the conditions for admission state it must be completed by Spring prior to transfer or is Summer an option? If it is not spelled out, I would contact admissions and get clarification.

They told me by spring and that I would get rescinded. Which brings me to another question, do appeals usually work? I have a valid excuse dealing with COVID

I would contact admissions now, explain the situation and see if something can be worked out prior to be possibly rescinded or filing an appeal.

They told me I would have to wait for my admission to be rescinded to request for anything else. But I’m not worried because i have a valid excuse. Thank you for your time.

Best of luck.