Admission Rescinded

<p>how low do ur grades have to go to get your admission rescinded from andover?</p>

<p>if someone could just please answer this that would be deeply appreciated!</p>

<p>I would think it would only get rescinded if you get sub C- but all schools have different policies. I don't think they get rescinced often though.</p>

<p>There's no set rule, but I wouldn't want to see a GPA drop of more than one grade level. If you are getting A's, don't go as low as most C's. But, seriously, why can't you keep your grades up? You do know what you are getting into by attending Andover don't you? ;)</p>

<p>of course i do, but i just bombed a math quiz...i wont go lower than a b though</p>

<p>Okay I'm curious: how many of you have to send your grades into your schools once you've been accepted? I'm not sure where all this fear is coming from...</p>

<p>They are required. They will have all your middle school grades on file before you enroll - sort of like college. You send in your final grades after you are accepted.</p>

<p>Huh...Everywhere? We haven't heard anything about this and didn't get anything with our acceptance package about sending grades in. Just curious.</p>

<p>*of course i do, but i just bombed a math quiz...i wont go lower than a b though *</p>

<p>Ever read The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy?</p>

<p>Don't Panic!</p>

<p>Bombing a math quiz is not going to cause your admission to Andover to be rescinded. Just keep your effort level high and you'll be fine. Admissions are rarely (but not never) rescinded.</p>

<p>just don't slack off.. you're in eighth grade - there's really no excuse for a senior slide.</p>

<p>There kinda is, because it's like the senior slump. You get accepted into the BS of your choice so you kinda slack off, I mean I see the correlation between 8th grade BS applicants and 12th grade College applicants...</p>

<p>ok...basically right now im failing math cuz there is only one grade and that is my math's not by best subject, but ahhhhh i dont want to get rescinded..i doubt i will but still....anyways i will get it to b or above</p>