Admission Results - Class of 2022

Hello! I have been reading CC for years and decided to make an account now because I am a senior that is starting to receive decision letters. Here are my stats:

GPA: 4.0UW, ~4.25W
SAT: 1420 (730 math, 690 reading)
Extracurriculars: Founder and President of a club at my school, played club soccer my whole life (2 years high school), one year of track, three years of volleyball. In NHS and SNHS, done quite a bit of community service and help tutor students. I have also done other stuff like a career camp in the Virgin Islands and engineering camp at the University of Arizona.
Gender: Female
Major: Electrical Engineering
Location: OOS
I applied on September 12th and received my acceptance on October 5th. It was updated on my portal.
I will also be attending the Preview Mines day in a couple of weeks.

Feel free to post your stats too!

Yo I got accepted last week! Hopefully the first of many!
1570 SAT/35 ACT
4.0 UW GPA
ECs: volunteer at community environmental education center, lab intern at the research university in my town, 8 years of cello (17-18 principal and quartet member), 8 years of alpine ski racing, NHS, cashier at a minor league baseball stadium
Environmental Engineering
I visited this summer, so no Preview Mines for me.

S17 was also accepted last week.

1460 SAT (690 Math, 770 Reading)
3.91 UW, 4.1 W GPA
BSA Eagle Scout
Marching Band - 2 Year
Varsity Swim - 1 Year
Mathematics Major
In State
Visiting on 10/28

Good luck to all!

I applied sometime before October 1st and got accepted today.

1470 SAT (710 Reading, 760 Math)
Math 2 SAT subject test: 740
4.27 W GPA (my school doesn’t do unweighted)
varsity tennis, NHS secretary, member of student gov’t, president of a club, secretary of a club, participate in national math competitions, participate in math summer camps, etc etc
Mathematics major
Out of state

I applied mid September and got mine on the 12th. I was sent their priority application.
GPA: 3.3 UW, 3.9 W
ACT: 32
SAT: 1390
EC: President of a club, participated in national competition, member of Principal’s advisory council, member of many honor societies, immigrated from foreign country, performed in many events with dance group, hosted and was hosted in a foreign exchange program.
Chemical Engineering major.
Honestly didn’t think I’d get in due to my GPA, haha.

@Vrael101 - Congratulations! Are you in state or out of state?

@jpc763 Thanks, I’m Out of State, tuition is insane, though it may just be worth it!

you qualify for at least some $$ through the Non-Resident Merit Scholarship, don’t you?

Merit aid is possible but they have not released the amounts and stats for 2018 yet. I got that from the Class of 2022 Parents Facebook page.

GPA:3.9 something UW GPA
ACT: 34
Extracurricular: Founder of some clubs, lots of volunteering, music, etc.
Don’t want to say the State
Gender: Female
Major: Computational and Applied Mathematics
Location: OOS
Used priority application, but don’t remember when I applied.

Very happy that I got in and hope that I will receive some form of merit aid! Congratulations to all!!

GPA: 3.98 UW
SAT: 1380 (730 math, 650 reading)
Extracurriculars: sports, math/science/engineering related activities
Gender: Female
Major: Electrical Engineering
Location: In-State
Application complete 10/16, admitted 10/30, used priority app.

GPA: 3.95 UW, 4.2 W
ACT: 32
Extracurriculars: Key Club President for two years and VP for one year, Chinese Club Treasurer for two years, CSF VP for two years, NHS, JV & Varsity Tennis, Robotics
Gender: Female
Major: Civil Engineering
Location: Out of state

Posting for S18:

GPA: 3.95 uw (school doesn’t weight)
ACT: 34 with a 35 superscore
SAT: 1550 (780 math, 770 reading)
NMSF, IB diploma
Extracurriculars: Several - including Scouts (Eagle), varsity athletics (captain), school clubs (president), volunteer service, and part-time employment
Gender: Male
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Location: OOS
Applied: Used Golden App (but still submitted essay). Submitted October 5th, school completed their portion on the 9th, and he heard this morning, November 9th.

I got my acceptance this morning!
GPA: 3.45 UW, 3.6 W
SAT: 1400
Gender: Female
Major: Mathematics
Extracurriculars: Tennis Captain (and #1 singles player), company internship, volunteer, National Hispanic Scholar (for PSAT scores), summer college classes, Glee Club
Yay! My first college response so far, submitted october 6th, notified november 16th.

I just got accepted a few hours ago!
GPA: 4.12 W, 3.69 UW
SAT: 1530
Gender: Male
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Extracurriculars: LOTS of choirs/singing, Theater, Robotics, Math Tutor, Science Camp Summer Job
I sent in a VERY rough draft of the personal statement I ended up using for the Common App, and got three letter of recs sent there.
OOS White male from California. First school I got into so I’m really excited!

My daughter got her email today. Her application was completed around October 10 I believe.

GPA: 4.2.W, 3.75 UW (12 AP ±)
ACT: 31 (32 ss)
Gender: Female
Major: Math
Extracurriculars: LOTS of rock climbing related ECs.


Accepted about a week ago, just got my packet in the mail!
GPA: 3.76
6 APs
School doesn’t weight or rank
ACT: 29 (30 ss)
Gender: Male
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Extracurriculars: Postdoc level research internship at local university. I ended up submitting a slide show I had to present as part of a bio-tech summit as an application supplement. Also engineering camps, National Hispanic Scholar, school awards, scouts and 4 years of varsity crew.
Lots of people from my HS considering mines.

Son was accepted a few weeks ago

GPA: 3.9 UW 4.8 W
SAT: 1510 (800 math, 710 reading)
Extracurriculars: tennis team captain, tutor, engineering camp, a few awards, volunteer at church
Gender: male
Major: Civil Engineering
Location: OOS

first acceptance, aiming at instate schools (both Cal Polys) due to very high OOS tuition… unless he gets more aid at Mines

Daughter accepted a few weeks ago

GPA 4.0 UW 4.52 W
SAT 1440 (740 math 700 reading)
IB Diploma candidate + 2 APs

Extrcurriculars: United States Team in her sport. Summer camp counselor. Girl Scout. Volunteer with engineering/architecture/construction club that helps to build homes for low income families.

Gender: Female

Major: Materials

Location: OOS

Daughter accepted a couple weeks ago
ACT 33
GPA 4.0 UW
Lots of EC
Gender Female
Major: ME

Also accepted at Embry Riddle with lots of merit aid. Waiting on Cal Poly and Rose Hulman. Also applying to Olin School of Engineering.