Admission Scales?

<p>I was on the Princeton board and they mentioned that Princeton uses a 1-5 scale for admissions. eg. for SATs, a 5 would be anywhere from 1480-1600</p>

<p>This seems like a bad system. What ever happened to "looking at the whole picture"? Or "scores don't really mean that much?" If everything is on a scale, they weigh the same.</p>

<p>I have very little knowledge of this scaling system, so my opinions may be entirely off. I would appreciate any more information on it.</p>

<p>Lastly, does Yale use this sort of scaling system?</p>

<p>Yale does use one. I think it is out of 9. There are two scales: one academic, the other your extracurricular activities.</p>

<p>that seems ridiculously narrow to me... I feel as though I am missing an important piece of information.. anyone?</p>

<p>see the article that newt linked to. (Topic: Ever wonder what goes on...?)</p>

<p>there is also a book out there called Admissions Confidential by Rachel Toor. She was an admissions officer at Duke. Even though she did not enjoy her Yale experience and does not work for her alma mater, it's a very interesting (but slightly depressing) book.</p>

<p>Of all the admissions books I've read, I liked Rachel Toor's the least.</p>

<p>I am reading A for Admissions right now. It is more factual than the book by Rachel Toor. But I enjoyed reading her book more. It reads like a novel and I finished it in two hours. It does give some interesting insight into the admissions procedure at Duke. But I can only guess how it compares to Yale's admission policy.</p>

<p>And yes, she says that there is a scale. As I mentioned on another post, anything over about a 1480 or so on the SAT is a 5.</p>

<p>On the yale scale, (yay, that rhymes!) they've got it right on this site. But it's actually really good. If you get a 3.5 and perfect 800s on the SAT and SAT II's, you get a 9!!! (on a scale from 1-9) Better start working on those!!!</p>

<p>where is it?</p>

<p>i think almost all schools do a variation of admit+, admit w/ res, reject w/ res, rej.</p>

<p>are we talking academic index here? if so theres a calculator on college confidential, like the main site. Cuz i believe the 9 point scale we're talkin about is academic index. dammit, im just shy of a 9! anyways, i think thats what youre talking about. its on the main site</p>