Admission Stats

<p>This is mostly for Dan, I was wondering if any stats about the application pool is available yet? Thanks!</p>

<p>Hi all! This is mainly to Dan because I noticed that you cover Monmouth county. Are you (& Tufts) familiar with the International Studies program at FTHS and will Tufts care?</p>

<p>Looking forward to hearing from you-hs sophmore already really interested in Tufts and going to visit it during my break.</p>

<p>FTHS = Freehold Township High School?</p>

<p>If so, then yes. I visited Freehold this past September and spoke at length about the program with a Guidance Counselor. </p>

<p>And of course we care! It changes all sorts of things about your high school experiences, does it not? Context is always relevant.</p>

<p>Thanks so much for your answer Dan, glad to know the program will be noticed. I'm coming up for a tour on Monday-can't wait!</p>

<p>all I'm gonna say is they really, really need to bring down the admission rate because they've over-admitted 2 of the last 3 years. If this keeps up, housing on campus will become scarce (it already has) courses will be over-crowded, and it will become difficult for students to finish major requirements and graduate in 4 years.</p>

<p>^ The admit rate is already tiny and the SAT scores are way too high because the school is full of kids who couldn't get into Harvard.</p>

<p>^ Are...YOU serious? Lol. This post confuses me. Are you speaking from the point of view of someone who wants to go to Tufts, but feels that they don't have as much of a shot? </p>

<p>Because if you want to go to Tufts, you might consider stressing less about SATs and dropping the "full of kids who couldn't get into Harvard" attitude. In fact, I know people who got into Harvard and chose Tufts. Sorry, but I'm really sick of dispelling the Ivy League safety thing, which was by all accounts started by Seinfeld. Damn you, favorite TV show! lol.</p>

<p>But wrath is right - there's a housing shortage, and too-big class years may translate into less space in the classes you want to take. The acceptance rate will have to go down both because of Tufts' growing popularity and the fact that more people have been applying every year.</p>

<p>I have been reading these posts for the past two years but never registered before. My son was accepted to an Ivy league and preferred Tufts for its size and its community, he is very happy there and I must say he made the right choice.
Let's stop calling Tufts a safety school. Tufts is up there with the top schools in this country. It is pure ignorance nowadays to call Tufts an Ivy reject school or an Ivy safety.</p>

<p>Right on! Mine chose this over at least one Ivy she would have easily gotten into. It's a great school with a tremendous amount to offer you. Having gone to a small school (WPI), I know the value of being able to connect with your profs, it's huge. Wish people would get their heads out of their rears about the Ivy's and realise there are dozens of great colleges in this country, and be happy and feel fortunate about that.</p>

The admit rate is already tiny and the SAT scores are way too high because the school is full of kids who couldn't get into Harvard.


<p>the admit rate needs to be brought down for reasons unrelated to school reputation and prestiege. Over the past few years, more and more kids have been applying to Tufts and more and more have been choosing to attend. Therefore classrooms, dorms, and facilities on campus have become or are at risk of becoming overcrowded.</p>

<p>I know that sucks for the people who are applying, but the quality of education and life at the school are most important.</p>

<p>Current events ought to underscore the quality of the minds coming out of Tufts: Jamie Dimon is a graduate.</p>

<p>Current events ought to underscore the quality of minds coming out of Tufts: Jamie Dimon is a graduate</p>

<p>I'm sorry for the rather crass post I put up earlier. I guess I have some personal issues with the whole Ivy envy syndrome, both from my own upbringing and what I see today. The vast majority of people in high positions at the company I'm at (a large financial company) are not from Ivy's, but rather from solid colleges (like and including Tufts) who worked hard to get where they are at.</p>

<p>Remember the reason you're going to college is for your future, not for yours or someone elses ego. Not to meniton, your ego should be pretty inflated if you're at a college like Tufts. This is an elite institution which is for super highly qualified students as yourselves. </p>

<p>On the topic of over-admitting, I surely hope Tufts doesn't over admit this year. It may seem selfish in that I'll be sending my kid there, but there's much more to it. I can't see how that is good for the college at all. The student experience is what makes the college attractive, and if you start to over admit, that is diminished. If it really will take a student longer to graduate due to space limitations in classes, that would be a huge red flag in future students minds. Not to mention, the "selfish" desires of the parents not wanting to pay for more than 4 years of undergraduate studies.</p>